Something Weird Happens When You Turn The Map Of Malta Upside Down

Good luck unseeing this

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One of the first things people learn about different countries is their shape, and what they resemble. Everyone knows Italy's basically a boot with high heels, France is known to its citizens as the Hexagon, and Malta famously looks like a fish. 

Here's you WTF Thought of the Day though; what happens when your the whole map upside down? Well, some things stay the same... while others take a turn into the weird.

Glen Galea took to Facebook to perfectly illustrate this concept, also following it up with a very colourful description. "I was told that Malta sort of looks like a fish", his post started. "However, I was never informed that, upside down, it looks like  a man-faced fish that just shat Comino while a smaller Gozo fish was moving in to lap it up." 

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We don't know about you, but we definitely cannot unsee this.

The post continued to clear some things up about the disturbing discovery. "This is really not some type of backhanded comment on the residents of Gozo. I love Gozo; the potato ftiras, the beaches, farmhouses, the lovely residents and everything else. Għawdex sabojħ!"

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Tag a friend and don't say anything.

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