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Spinola Road Closures And Free Beer: All You Need To Know Ahead Of St Patrick’s Festivities

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It’s that time of year again, the time Maltese people connect with their inner leprechaun and have a great knees-up in Spinola Bay to celebrate good old St Patrick. However, with around 30,000 people (that’s more than the most populated Maltese town) estimated to descend on that small stretch of land, it could be hell if you don’t plan in advance.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out:

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1. Roads will be closed all day and night

If you were planning on driving to St Julian’s and the surrounding areas today, don’t bother. The roads from City of London to the Portomaso roundabout, as well as from the St Julian’s tunnel to Spinola will be blocked from 1pm till 1am. Even residents have been told to move their cars away from the area and park a bit further away tonight.


2. A shuttle service will be operating though

Your best option will probably be to drive or catch a bus to Luxol Park & Ride and the make use of a shuttle transport service, which will be in operation between 4pm and 1pm.

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3. Some special offers around

Several eateries and outlets are getting in on the act too, with the likes of the Carob Tree offering special brunch dishes and MeLounge even offering a free glass of green beer to everyone who comes with their costumes and the Indian joint TukTuk offering an Indian beer on the house when ordering their special Paddy’s Curry.

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4. The street party will last till midnight

Although the real allure of St Patrick’s Day is getting drunk in the middle of the day, some might want to make a night out of it. If that’s the case, be aware in advance that the outdoor music will stop at midnight, although surrounding nightclubs will remain open for afterparties.

5. A helpline will be available for residents

As St Patrick’s has grown in popularity over the years, many St Julian’s residents have come to await it with dread as a time of year they have to lock themselves at home and hope nobody does their business on their doorstep.

To reduce the inconvenience as much as possible, the local council will not only coordinate a massive cleaning operation right after the party but also launch a helpline 21373111, specifically for residents with queries or complaints. The line will be open between noon and 2am.

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