Stages Of Leaving A Gozo Weekend

To get Maxokk or the way down, or not to...


Weekends in Gozo are always awesome, especially when it's an epic event like carnival. Leaving weekends in Gozo – less awesome.

Here's some of the tedious stages every group of friends has gone through while leaving their stay on the sister islands.

1. The farmhouse looks like a crack-whore's den

Remember when we first looked around this quaint, Mediterranean haven? Yeah, now someone has taken a pee in the indoor plant and there's vomit in the sofa cracks.  

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2. There's one person everyone wants to kill

If you don't know who it is, it's you. 

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3. Nobody wants to clean up

Hence, point number one. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 At 09 15 02

4. Someone has always lost their phone

And no one else gives a shit. 

Help Me Gif

5. Most people are just trying to avoid the couple that broke up

Oh no, I don't mind listening to an hour long monologue about how your relationship wasn't going anywhere anyway. The fact that she slept with the guy in the Donald Trump mask was just the last straw? #LookAtHowManyFucksIGive #JustWantToGetHome

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 At 09 19 41

6. The group naturally divides into two sub-groups

The ones who are still up for more fun. The ones who want to get the fuck back home. 

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7. Singing in the car brings you back to life

And you remember why you're friends with these people that you hate. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 At 09 26 47

8. Until traffic hits

And you pray for divine intervention to save you from sitting in a car with these people for one more minute. 

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9. Someone inevitably suggests a last-minute pizza detour

Maxokk, Mekren, whichever the poison – the group is going back to get some. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 At 09 47 59

10. Waiting to see if you'll get on the boat is like life or death

And then you see your sub-group of friends who wanted to stay longer get on the boat. Before you. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 At 09 35 27

11. Malta looks more beautiful than ever

As does your bedroom, as does your mum, as does a floor which isn't coated which a sticky residue of alcohol, carnival make-up, and bodily fluids. 

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BONUS: WhatsApp chatting about the weekend is like reliving the joy all over again

Minus the hardships that go with leaving it.

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 At 09 40 15

How was your trip down from Gozo? Tell us in the comments section and tag a friend who took the journey with you!

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