Stigmata Anxiety And The Smell Of Brodu: Local Artist Comes Up With The Ultimate Maltese Catholic School Bingo

Paper Yellow is back with that strong #RelatableAF content

Maltese Catholic School Bingo

No matter when you were born or what school you went to, if you grew up in Malta, you probably share a lot of memories with a large portion of the island's population. And if you happened to have attended a Maltese catholic school, then get ready for some relatable shit.

Paper Yellow is a local artist who's solidified herself as somewhat of a cult favourite on Instagram. Regularly uploading quick illustrations on post-it notes that are either cheeky digs at local issues or relatable content that'll hit any islander right in the feels, the young artist had last year told Lovin Malta that she had initially started her Instagram account as a fun Inktober project.

It looks like 2019 promises to be yet another year to keep following the Maltese illustrator, as one of her latest post saw her sharing the 'Maltese Catholic School Bingo'.

From having 'a favourite nun' to panicking about satanic Pokémon cards, the list has them all

How many of these do you relate to?

Paper Yellow Catholic School Girl Bingo

Tag someone who'll cross off most of these!

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