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‘Stupidity Is Not A Disability’: Is This Malta’s Worst Parked Car?

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Cars parked illegally on corners, on double yellow lines, and even in disabled parking bays – we’ve seen ’em all in Malta.

But one man just upped the ante and parked longways across two entire disabled parking bays.

Count them – two parking bays. That are meant for disabled people.

Take a moment to appreciate how little of a fuck you need to give about your fellow human beings to take up two disabled parking bays like that

The kinda person who would see someone drop their wallet and wait till they turn the corner before picking it up; the kinda person who would kick a cat when no one is looking.

The picture, which was taken outside LIDL in Mosta, was posted in a local environmental advocacy group online, quickly garnered scathing negative comments,

“Stupidity is not a disability,” said the original poster who took the image… and we definitely agree.

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