SURVEY: What Does Malta’s Drug Culture Actually Look Like?

We want to know your views on the drug scene in Malta

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While record drug seizures seem to be regularly making the news, Malta still lacks a complete understanding of what our local drug culture is like.

Just this week, an article detailing police sourceswho described current illegal recreational use as "widespread" across both Malta and Gozo sparked a strong response online.

Some took umbrage with the fact that they were being lumped into the same category, while others called on commenters to no longer bury their heads in the sand over the issue.

Now, you have the opportunity to make your voice heard on the issue.

We want to have a clearer picture of what the drug scene is like on the island and its presence in our daily lives, whether that’s at home, with friends, at parties, weddings, or festi.

This survey is completely anonymous and will take five minutes to fill in. If you are having trouble accessing it, click here.

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Written By

Julian Bonnici