SURVEY: Why Have Maltese People Stopped Going To Church?

The statistics were surprising to many... so now it's time to try and understand why

Malta Church Interior Mosta Religion Survey

The Malta Sunday Mass Attendance Census 2017 showed that 95% of Maltese people still believe in God but only 37% of them fulfil the Christian duty of going to Church. There's a wide gap in the stats, and we want to know why.

Why have people stopped going to Church? Is the idea of religion changing? Do people want to be part of a spiritual belief without having to take an active part in it? What is it about Sunday Mass that people want to avoid?

In this simple survey, we're asking you to tell us what you think about religion in Malta and what your own ideas of attending Sunday Mass are.

Here, you can anonymously contribute to pooling in your opinions and concerns about the decreasing rates of Mass attendance in Malta, to help us identify a reason - or at the very least a pattern - behind these latest statistics.

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