Swedish Photographer Gives A Genuine Insight Into Life In Malta

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective

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Michael Pettersson, a 30-year-old freelance photographer from Stockholm, is currently in Malta with his trusty Panasonic G80 camera, and he's been constantly uploading wonderful snapshots of the islands. 

The first photo from Malta on his Instagram account appeared two days ago. Since then, 15 photos have been uploaded, all with extremely short, straight-to-the-point titles. They all show the best of the Maltese islands from a new (and adorable) perspective. Here they are in all their quirky awesomeness.

1. "The old couple"

One of our firm favourites and actually the very first photo that Pettersson uploaded from Malta.

2. "A smoke on the balcony"

Effortlessly fabulous, just perched on a typical Maltese balcony.

3. "The dinghy"

Tongue-in-cheek enough to not be offensive, this photo is just adorable.

4. "Hibiscus"

A sight thousands of Maltese people have definitely walked past before in their lives, but something that caught this Swedish photographer's eyes.

5. "The old sofa"

While not the most gracious of sights, the way Pettersson manages to capture this photo and nearly make it seem like something out of the American Outback is weirdly wonderful.

6. "Dog friendly beach"

Just look at that pooch!

7. "The coast"

It's actually fascinating to see how, even though Filfla features prominently in this photo, it's not by the far the only protagonist of this photo (as the title itself implies). Malta's countryside and its coastline are just as attractive to foreigners.

8. "The workers"

Between the perfectly blue sky in the background, the difference in stone colours between the older and refurbished facades, and that awesome pastel umbrella, this photo has a strange charm to it all that you don't normally see.

9. "Valletta"

Locals have raved about this new colourful sight on the Ta' Xbiex promenade for a while now, but for Pettersson, the view of Valletta behind these three benches is just as cool... so why not both?!

10. "The small square"

Who hasn't walked or driven past this cute roundabout in Sliema? 

11. "Three doors"

Now that #DoorPorn is a very real thing thanks to MaltaDoors, photos like these make us very happy.

12. "The abandoned house"

This house is on your right when you're walking down to Paceville from the main road, and it's been featured in many photos. Somehow, Pettersson really manages to capture the resilience of it all, making it a sad shot, but a great one nonetheless.

13. "The old watchtower"

Because it's not a compilation of photos from Malta if there isn't at least one gorgeous shot of a 17th century tower perched on some garrigue cliffs.

14. "Night at the boardwalk"

No, this isn't some kaleidoscope optical illusion. It's just as awesome, though. 

15. "Valletta by night"

Malta's capital, strutting her stuff the way she does!

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