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The 6 Major Differences Between Xmas In Your 20s Vs In Your 30s In Malta

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They say age is just a number, and while a positive mindset carries you through most situations, Christmas brings out the worst in aging. Here are some major differences you’ll experience.

1. During a Christmas Meal

20s: Pass me the gravy

30s: Pass me the Rennies

2. Presents

20s: Just give me cash, it’s better that way

30s: Oh my god you got me batteries for all my dead remotes – I love you

3. The post-meal traditions

20s: Shall we go to PV after this?

30s: Shall we go nap on the sofa after this?

4. Catching up with extended cousins you only see this time of year

20s: I wonder who got engaged this year

30s: I wonder who’s pregnant this year

5. New Year’s Eve Plans

20s: Open bar is only for three hours? Shall we predrink somewhere before?

30s: If we organise a party at home, we can be asleep by 12:30

6. Organising family events

20s: I’m so over everyone organising things because they feel obliged to by social norms at this time of year

30s: Was uncle Henry allergic to hummus? Did we invite aunt Rita to Christmas Eve drinks, Boxing Day lunch or or New Years Day tea?

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