The 7 Things All Maltese People Say Before Saying Yes

Accepting food is serious business

Polite No

If there's one thing that unites all the Maltese, it's our love of food. We simply can't say no. But it's equally difficult for us to say yes and openly admit to our national gluttony. Instead, we have a million different ways of buying time until we finally accept to just say yes. This is how it usually goes...

1. "Aħjar le..."

Translation: I'd better not

New year, new me. Or at least pretending it's a new me. Stage one: fake mild disinterest at being offered free food.

Ahjar Le

2. "Le le vera, m'għandix ġuħ..."

Translation: no honestly, I'm not hungry

Don't listen to what my mouth is saying - listen to my belly. And trust me, it's complaining. 

Shy 2

3. "Għadni kemm kilt..."

Translation: I just ate

We both know that's not gonna make a difference in how badly I want your food right now, but it's good to pretend I have a "I'm full" feature on in my stomach.

Sho Cares

4. "Kemm taħseb li niekol?"

Translation: How much do you think I eat?

A cheeky attempt at defying your cravings. But the answer remains: you're Maltese... so 'a lot'.

I Could

5. "Imma ma rridx nieħu minn tiegħek..."

Translation: I don't wanna take your food

Yes I do. Yes I do. Yes I do. Yes I d....


6. "Żgur?! Ċert?! Qed ngħidlek minix daqsekk bil-ġuħ..."

Translation: Are you really sure? I promise, I'm not hungry

You're close, you've said no six times - one more offer and the delicious meal is all yours to enjoy.

I Want

7. "Orrajt mela, nieħu gidma..."

Translation: Sure, you've won me over - I'll have a quick bite

You've said yes, but what if they withdraw their offer in the final seconds? Better feign indifference. 

Hungry Af

Bonus: "Għamilli tnejn bil-lest..."

Translation: Might as well make it a double portion...

At long last, the elaborate ruse comes to an end.


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