The Best And Worst Bits About Malta's Beaches

Here's the low-down on swimming in Malta

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Disclaimer – there is absolutely nothing about Malta's beaches that's bad enough to outweigh the good. Swimming in Malta is epic. All those amazing things you've heard about the Mediterranean sea – all true.

What we've done here is to simply point out the highest highs and the lowest lows you'll experience at some of our most populars beaches. Here goes.

1. Armier Bay

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Best Bit: This small, picturesque beach looks to the north towards Comino, so it's got amazing views – it's a favourite with locals.

Worst Bit: It can get quite crowded on weekends and not great if you don't want to be surrounded by buildings and boats. 

2. Blue Lagoon

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Best Bit: The sea here is known for it's legendary turquoise colour. It's an absolute beauty to look at, and it feels as though you're swimming in a holiday pamphlet beach.

Worst Bit: So many people. So many boats. Try and get to this little slice of heaven before the summer season is at its peak.

3. San Blas Bay

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Best Bit: Crystal clear water and dramatic enclosing scenery which makes you feel like no one can get to you/destroy your beach zen. 

Worst Bit: You will never climb a steeper hill than the one leading to this beach. 

4. Sliema Rocky Beaches

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Best Bit: Absolutely refreshing AF, sand-free sea and very rarely ever crowded. Supremely underrated swimming experience. 

Worst Bit: Waiting at the ladder for people to take their sweet time to ascend from/descend into the water.

5. Fomm ir-Riħ

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Best Bit: This is one of the wildest, most secluded and gorgeous beaches on the islands. If you like to snorkel, you'll love this hidden-gem.

Worst Bit: It's a bit of a trek to actually get down to the bay. But if you're up for that, it can also be one of this beach's best bits!

6. Ġnejna Bay

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Best Bit: This beach is like Golden Bay's younger sister that no one really thinks of first but is so charming and pretty. It's a lovely walk from the bigger bay to this one, views are great and it's nice and intimate.

Worst Bit: The sand turns pebbly in places when you enter the sea, so if you want that uninterrupted sand experience this might not be the best for you.

7. Golden Bay

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Best Bit: It's extremely family friendly and if the wind is right it's a gorgeous swim.

Worst Bit: We kind of wish there were less buildings surrounding the bay...

8. Imġiebaħ Bay

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Best Bit: You can take your dog! And both of you will enjoy perhaps the cleanest, most secluded swim of the year.

Worst bit: It's tricky to get to even with Google maps. Ask a local to help you one with this one!

9. Mellieħa Bay

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Best Bit: It's shallow for miles so perfect for little kiddies/grannies who just want to wade for hours. Or for rowdy teens who want to play beach volley (read: make out and feel each other up without drowning). 

Worst Bit: Parking is a bitch. Don't even try to go there on a weekend in summer. 

10. Paradise Bay

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Best Bit: Really beautiful for a late-afternoon/evening swim. The views are properly stunning. Also it's got a handy tap to clean your feet with when you leave.

Worst bit: Lots of stairs and can get seriously crowded.

11. Ramla Ħamra Bay

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Best Bit: That golden, burnt-amber sand that looks so good in photographs. 

Worst Bit: It's a popular beach so it does get crowded. Also known to attract litterbugs which is a massive shame. 

12. Riviera Bay

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Best Bit: Possibly the most Instagramable beach in Malta - this is where all the cool kids go. It also serves up an amazing sunset and the clay hills surrounding it are really, really pretty.

Worst Bit: Those steps are okay going down, not so much coming back up.  

13. St Peter's Pool

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Best Bit: Some of the best jumping potential you'll find on the island and the composition of the rocks encircling the little inlet of sea is great.

Worst Bit: It's not the easiest to find on the map, and your cute beach outfit might be upstaged by a diving dog.

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