The Christmas Alter Egos of Maltese Politicians

All that's missing is the Minister of Elf.


Parliament does tend to resemble a Christmas Pantomime most of the time, with the hilarity, booing and hissing that we've come to associate with this seasonal play. 

To keep with the spirit of the season, we've paired up Maltese politicians with their Christmassy alter egos.

Jack Skellington/Konrad Mizzi

Konrad Mizzi

Although Jack Skellington may seem to have almost ruined Christmas in pursuit of his own goals, the reality is that his intentions are good and he is but a poor misunderstood soul.

The Shepherd/Salvu Mallia

Salvu Mallia

Salvu aims to be the shepherd that recalls any errant lambs that may have strayed, and brings them back to the sadly depleted Nationalist fold.

Santa Claus/Manuel Mallia

Manuel Mallia

He wears a red outfit, stretched over his paunch, and holds enough wealth in a hidden stash to give presents to all the world's children.

Little Drummer Boy/Claudette Buttigieg

Claudette Buttigieg

Although filled with a desire to provide a service, it is their musical prowess that makes these characters so comparable.

The Grinch/Louis Grech

Louis Grech

He's very rarely seen, but everyone suspects that he truly exists.

The Christmas Robin/Beppe Fenech Adami

Beppe Fenech Adami

Proudly thrusts his chest out and does not shy from the limelight. May nest on areas outside development zone.

Frosty the Snowman/Deborah Schembri

Deborah Schembri

Much like Frosty in the summer, Dr Schembri's newsworthiness seems to have melted away following the divorce referendum.

The Donkey/Joe Mizzi

Joe Mizzi

His job is to warm the area he sits in.

BONUS: The Easter Bunny/Henry Battistino

Henry Battistino

The Leader of Moviment Patrijotti Maltin is reported as having said that Muslims breed like rabbits. He'll be pleased to share his likeness with an emblem of the most Christian of feasts.

Know any politicians that should be pulling Santa's sleigh? Show us by posting them in the comments below!

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