The Creative, The Questionable And The Borderline Crazy: Here's How Malta's Graduates Are Buscading This Year

From the old buses to actual trailers, this year's graduates have had to think outside the box

Malta Buscades 2018

It's that time of year, and for once, we're not talking about Christmas in December; Maltese students are graduating and it's buscade season.

Students usually rent an open bus, but the tradition wasn't a favourite following a fatal accident between a double-decker tourist bus and a tree in Żurrieq some eight months ago.

Following reports of double-decker operators deciding to rent out their vehicles, students have had to come up with some out-of-the-boxideas which some call creative AF, others call borderline-crazy. We'll let you decide what you think.

1. Trailers became a thing

Some students allegedly packed up inside a trailer and raved.

The Social Work graduates were also troopers; they were stopped by the police, so they booked a bus and were back to partying within the hour.

Trailer Buscade

Photos taken from @ilpelli4 on Instagram

2. The old Maltese buses made a comeback

Commerce, Psychology and Tourism graduates coloured our streets with a sentimental blast from the past; the traditional Maltese buses.

Looks like these are the most popular this year.

Maltese Bus Buscade 1

Photos taken from several public Facebook profiles and @claudia519 on Instagram

3. But somehow, some managed to brave open buses anyway

Old traditions die hard, and open buses seem to be featuring after all in this year's graduation celebrations.

Open Bus Buscade 1

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