The Hilarious Instagrams Of Maltese Politicians

Sometimes you gotta take a break from bickering, to update your fans!


1. Claudette Buttigieg

She may no longer use the name/surname combo that brings back all the Eurovision feels, but she couldn't resist this cheeky throwback!

2. Keith Schembri

Over 50% of people may want to see him sacked from his job, but maybe if they'd just cut to an endless stream of his puppy photos people might not feel so strongly. seriously.

3. Ian Borg

Although Keith's puppies are quite a blessing to any feed, Parliamentary Secretary Ian Borg gives him a run for his money. Hashtag game strong.

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4. Kristy Debono

Take it from a social-media addict - photos of TV screens just never work. Once is understandable, but repeat offences hurt the soul. Also, #Budgit is apparently a thing.

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#Budgit #2016 #Net #Tv #Politics #Malta #instapolitics

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5. Owen Bonnici

He's basically one of those 'inspirational' accounts that reminds you to be yourself and take on the world (behind the thin film of 20-odd filters).

6. George Pullicino

I don't know what it is, but there's something amazing about this "Bae caught me workin'" moment.

7. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

No jokes here - her feed is flawless!


Bonus: Joseph Muscat

Sometimes you're too busy running the country to make that tough Valencia vs Juno decision.

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Bonus bonus: Gipsie Busuttil 

I just can't stay away from puppies.

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