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One Person From Malta Could Be In The Chance Of Winning €313 Million This Festive Season

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Picture this, you’ve just woken up on Christmas morning all excited for the day. You make your way to the tree to see what Santa’s left you and you find a huge lottery jackpot just waiting for you! 

You might already start dreaming about how you’ll be spending that prize money, but you know that the only lotteries that offer big sums of money are based in America. You don’t think you’ll ever get the chance of winning some huge prizes since you don’t have the time or money to travel all the way to the US for some lottery tickets. 

Well, think again! All of your holiday wishes could come true because you have a shot at the Powerball’s €313 million jackpot by getting an official Powerball lottery ticket from theLotter.com

Happening three times a week, the Powerball draw is making your Monday, Wednesday and Saturday a tad more exciting. TheLotter is helping customers from all around the world take part in these frequent draws. 

The Powerball draw does not have a maximum limit it can reach, so the jackpot can grow quite big. But, with this being said, the whole jackpot can also be won by anyone at any draw. So, if you want to win big, make sure you give yourself a chance by acquiring a lottery ticket.

Here’s how you can do it from Malta

  1. Sign up at theLotter.com 
  2. Select the Powerball from the 50+ lotteries available 
  3. Choose 5 numbers from 1 – 69 
  4. Choose your special ‘Powerball’ number from 1 – 26 
  5. Confirm your lottery ticket

Getting your tickets from theLotter.com means that you will be giving yourself a shot at the top prize for less than €5 per line. There’s nothing different than if you were to travel to the US to get your tickets. You have the same exact odds and chances of winning as if you were an American. 

Once your order is complete, a representative from theLotter.com who’s based in the United States will buy an official lottery ticket on your behalf. These tickets will then be scanned and uploaded to your account. These tickets are now officially yours, and you have everything in hand to claim the jackpot.  

The whole process is completely transparent and everything is clearly recorded for you to know what’s going on. 

If you happen to be a lucky winner, your winnings will then be transferred to your secure account, where you have access to them at all times. If you’re the extra lucky jackpot winner, you better start packing your bags, as you’ll need to fly out to the United States to collect your winning jackpot. 

Good luck and please play responsibly!

Lotto Direct Limited is operating thelotter.com. Lotto Direct Limited is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority; License Reference MGA/CRP/402/2017. 18+ only. Gambling can be harmful if not controlled. Please play responsibly. For more information visit https://www.rgf.org.mt/

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