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The Results Are In: THIS Is How Most Maltese People Love Their Tea

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It was an ordinary day on the infamous Salott– people were questioning what time LIDL was open while others were busy jumping to conclusions about stuff they don’t understand. All in all a pretty standard day on the internet.

That is, until suddenly, out of the blue, one Salottier posted a question that sent shockwaves through the group: ‘How do you like your tea?’.

Salott Post Original

Literally hundreds of people wrote in to reply, and defend their choice of tea valiantly… and we’re proud(ish) to say that we took the time to count the results – and here is what they look like:

Tea Time Chart

That means we officially have a winner! Congrats no.4… you’re popular AF.

Do you agree with the results? If you don’t angrily tell us which number is the best in the comments on Facebook!

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