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There’s A Maltese NGO That’s Going To Help Achieve The UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Resilient Communities is bringing civil society, business and the local government for the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SOS Malta and CORE Platform are embarking on this pilot project that aims to raise awareness on the SDGs while shedding light on how you can take action in Malta.

“We want to bring people closer to farms because farmers have always been an unrepresented segment in society”

In an interview that is part of the #whatroledoyouPlay series, Resilient Communities explores sustainable initiatives that are being implemented by local businesses like Merill, the NGO that works with farmers to promote their work.

“People who come here tell us that being in such a peaceful and quiet place is a very good anti-depressant,” Merill co-founder Janet explains. “It’s relaxing, and obviously getting to eat local delicacies is a bonus.”

The NGO started by providing eco-tours for tourists, but the couple that run it soon found out that there was a greater interest coming from local communities.

“Eventually we realised that these activities we were not leaving anything behind for the local community. So we started looking out for the people taking care of these areas; the owners who can provide us with authentic Maltese food.”

You can watch the full video below of Resilient Community’s interview with Merill below.

“Resilient Communities considers that to establish a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable society, a transformative change is needed; one which sees companies integrating environmental, social and good governance approaches into their business models.”

They plan to achieve this goal by creating constructive dialogue and action on Responsible Business. They also aim to contribute to behaviour change through stakeholder meetings and the creation of various workshops.

The project is co-founded by the Malta Community Chest Fund.

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