These Are Officially Malta's Favourite TV Presenters, According To You

Who is your favourite Maltese television personality?

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Keith Demicoli, Ben Camille and Stephanie Spiteri have been named Malta's most popular TV personalities, according to new a new survey conducted by research company Esprimi.

The suave Demicoli is well known for his regular hosting of TVM News, as well as local and international reports. Meanwhile, local favourite Ben Camille has been popular for a while, having had his own reality show, Benjamin, before becoming the first host of X Factor Malta on TVM.

The approachable Stephanie Spiteri has boosted her profile in recent months as the fun host of Illum Ma' Steph, also on TVM.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Ben Camille wanted to thank everyone for their support

"It's really sweet, I can’t find a better word than 'happy' to be honest and humbly grateful," he said in reaction to how he felt coming out on top.

"I do what I love for a living and I am very thankful for that," he continued. "I’m currently working on a new production which I can’t reveal more about for now unfortunately, but it gives me all that more energy to do my best and give our audience the quality they deserve by reaching new standards on local TV and social media."

"And I’m very happy for Keith too, I’m a fan of his, Keith is a great guy, a gentleman and a very good friend of mine," Ben ended.

Demicoli and Camille topped the popularity chart among 16 - 24 year olds, while Spiteri was the favourite for females aged in that same age group. Demicoli was named the most popular personality for males in the same age group

Stephanie Spiteri gained 13.2% of the popular vote amongst the youngest cohort, closely followed by Benjamin Camilleri with 11.8% and Moira Delia with 5.9% among the young female audiences.

Among young males, Keith Demicoli gained 14.1% of the vote, followed by Peppi Azzopardi (Xarabank) with 9.4% and Andrea Cassar (Liquorish) with 4.7%.

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Peppi Azzopardi and Andrea Cassar

The new survey gives quite an insight into Maltese viewers' preferences

Esprimi Research Director Vanessa Bajada noted that for the first time, researchers and operators in the field could obtain a scientific view of their audiences which would be detailed down to the demographics, gender, socio-economic background and geography of the audience.

Media Insights gathers an abundance of data on local media consumption that can be examined and filtered according to any specific requirements. It helps marketing professionals pin-point exactly where to put their money, to reach their target audience and achieve the best results. The data gathered covers Maltese TV, print, radio and online platforms.

Who is your favourite TV personality?

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