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They Misspelled Malta, So Does The Miżieb Contract Even Count?

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Wow. Our precious public land at Miżieb and Aħrax wasn’t signed off to hunters by the government of Malta after all. It was signed off by the government of ‘Mala’.

That’s right. A serendipitous (and painfully appropriate) typo could with any luck render this rage-inducing deal void.

Seriously, one of the largest public land deals in recent years includes a glaring typo in the country’s own name – you can check it for yourself here.

While it’s probably wishful thinking to imagine the deal can be rendered null and void by virtue of this mistake, one never knows whether a particularly cheeky lawyer might want to try their luck.

And some people on social media already started pointing it out…

The contract gives the FKNK rights over the management and upkeep of the two woodlands and forbids public access during specific times of day during the spring and autumn hunting seasons. The FKNK will also be obliged to set up picnic areas for the general public.

This deal was originally meant to be signed on Sunday and would have been met by a protest, but it ended up getting signed in secret today by the Lands Authority in a meeting that presided over by Transport Minister Ian Borg, Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia, Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri and Parliamentary Secretary for Lands Chris Agius.

Over 27,000 people have signed a petition calling for the land to remain public, while the Nationalist Party has denounced the government’s “arrogance” in signing the deal before it could get scrutinised.

What do you make of this secret deal?

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