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9 Things Everyone Panics About On Malta’s ‘Day Of Silence’

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As political posts begin to die down on the day reserved for reflection, everyone’s panic is real as dedication to politics turns into a desperate attempt to talk about anything but. But what is it about the ‘day of silence’ that freaks us out so much? Here are a few of the mini heart attacks we’ll get throughout the day.

1. “Shit, can we even mention that today is a day of silence?”

I have a really good Facebook joke to make, but is it like Fight Club? Do we all just know it exists but aren’t allowed to mention it?

2. “Someone liked my political post from yesterday, am I going to jail?”

Check the timestamp! I didn’t break any laws, honest.

3. “I just saw someone else do it. Do I report them?”

Or do I post my own risque status to balance things out politically?

4. “Is it also on tomorrow? Do we have a weekend of silence?”

Can we discuss the voting? Is it another day of fear?

5. “I shared a funny cat video from a politician’s third cousin, can I get fined for that?”

It was so fluffy, but he’s tainted by political ties. Woe is me.

6. “I convinced the woman in front of me at Lidl to buy a type of cheese first imported under this government. Was that coercion?” 

Can she report me for trying to sway her vote?

7. “I said the phrase ‘national incentives’ and ‘labour market’; am I about to be fired?”

Should we not mention the parties in any way? Does the colour green stop being a thing so we avoid all parties?

8. “Will I know if someone takes a screenshot of a private chat? Is it illegal to have private chat about it?”

It was a group chat with friends, but nothing is safe these days.

9. “Can I share this news piece? Why is everything in Malta somehow political?”

And if it’s not, people will still interpret basic news as political bias.

Tag a friend who knows the fear too well, or a friend who doesn’t care at all.

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