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7 Things The Maltese Struggle To Understand About Rubbish Collection

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Even if the concept of rubbish collection has been around for centuries now, it seems like many Maltese people still struggle with some of the most important concepts of this phenomenon.

Here are seven things the Maltese don’t seem to get about rubbish collection in Malta.

1. Putting rubbish out at night is not illegal for fun; it’s actually a bad idea

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Cats, dogs, rats and ants will eat at the garbage bags and flood the road with your trash. And yes, that includes all those confidential documents you finally threw out after spring cleaning.

2. Collection times aren’t designed to hurt you personally

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Rubbish collection can’t happen everywhere at the same time, and when the country is always gridlocked in traffic, it’s never a good time to get stuck behind a rubbish truck.

3. Putting an old sofa outside your door (or in the countryside) isn’t the same as getting it removed

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This is why we have the concept of bulky refuse people; make use of it.

4. Filling a small pavement with garbage bags makes life really difficult for people who need pavements

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And guess what? Every pedestrian in the country needs pavements. That’s why some roads have specific places to collect rubbish.

5. Once or twice a week, it’s recycling bags that will be collected, not black garbage bags

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If you haven’t learnt this one yet, put Google to good use or call your Local Council to find out when it is.

Write it somewhere on your phone or put a notice on your fridge. It’s not that hard, promise.

6. A garbage bag that’s already torn from the bottom and seeping smelly juices is not just somebody else’s problem

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How about putting the bag in another, less torn one, or putting it inside a secure cardboard box? That way, all the smelly fruit juice won’t stain the pavements.

7. Recycling isn’t that difficult if you set yourself up right

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It’s just another bin and another bag, but once you do it, you won’t even need to take the trash out as regularly as before, and you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment.


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