7 Things To Know Before Dating A Teacher In Malta

There will probably be tears at least once a week

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1. The weekends aren't for cute dates, they're for crafts and corrections

So get used to finding the romance between piles of copybooks and dribbling glue guns.

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2. We'll randomly disappear if we see a student in public

Under no circumstances can they know anything about my life outside school - boyfriends/girlfriends included.


3. 80% of our savings will be spent on stationery

And anyone who thinks this is unhealthy doesn't deserve to be a part of our life.


4. Outfit stress for work is worse than for social events

No shoulders showing, no visible tattoos, kid-friendly clothes that might get covered in pen yet still look cute just in case a parent comes in to talk - easy peasy.

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5. Summers can get boring and we'll constantly bug you at work

9:30 "Hey... how are you?" 

9:36 "Babe??"

9:41 "I'm going for a swim."

9:47 "BABE!"


6. But don't ever mention how easy life is cause we have summer off

Seriously. We've covered this before - if you're jealous of our summers, by all means apply to become a teacher!


7. We may rage about our students - but only we can badmouth them

Seriously, they're still like children to me, and you teasing them or their work is not gonna fly.


Bonus: Don't get excited if you're friends with the parents of a student

Even the sweetest parents can get very annoying, very fast. "Did you know you teach Sarah's kids? She really lik-" Just stop.


Tag your significant other to let them know the ground rules!

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