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Things You Don’t Even Realise You Do That Instantly Show You’re Maltese

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You can usually tell a Maltese person from a mile away, especially if you are a Maltese person as well. 

You could be in a totally foreign country, but there’s just something about a Maltese person’s aura that makes them stand out in a crowded Primark.

More than the aura though, there are certain traits that every Maltese person has, without even noticing. They are so ingrained that they have become a part of each and every one of our personalities. 

Here are some of these things that we all do that brand us as Maltese for life.

1. Scanning the credits at the end of a movie for a Maltese surname

“Was that a Borg? Pretty sure that was a Bor – OMGGG THERE’S AQUILINA WE OFFICIALLY MADE IT”.

2. Becoming partisan as soon as someone mentions England and Italy in the same sentence

Listen, we were all raised like this, it is part of our history, we are all to blame. 

3. Getting a little paranoid whenever someone mentions Maltesers abroad

Are they talking about the candy, or are they talking about my country’s people?

4. Wondering where the bread is… at all times

How am I supposed to eat this pasta without any bread?

5. Openly staring at people

Blame it on the boredom, blame it on the heat, but whenever someone walks past with even the slightest thing different about them, we are all zooming in like our lives depended on it.

6. Getting really, really jealous, instead of angry, when we see someone skip the queue

“That could have been me. Now look at me, waiting in line like a normal person. “

7. Immediately cancelling everything as soon as it rains

“The wedding was planned for today? Cancel it. Can you just imagine the roads?”

8. Wanting to say your thing when someone else says their thing

“Last Friday I went to New York Best and-“

“No way! Taf anke’ jien I was there once?”

9. Seeing travelling abroad as a personal education

Travelling to London for the third time this year is something that makes me a better person on the inside .

What other things do Maltese people do without even realising? Let us know in the comments below!

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Johnathan is interested in the weird, wonderful, and sometimes dark realities late capitalist society forces upon us all. He also likes food and music. Follow him at @supreofficialmt on Instagram, and send him news, food and music stories at [email protected]

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