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This Is The Age Most Maltese Cannabis Users Started Smoking Weed

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The majority of Maltese cannabis users started using the plant at the age of 16, the first results from Lovin Malta’s cannabis survey have shown.

But a shocking number of users had actually first started using the plant at an even younger age.

One in three respondents started smoking cannabis before they were 16 

This staggering statistic is actually even more worrying when you get into the numbers.

1.4% of respondents said that they had started using cannabis at age 12 or under, which should raise alarm bells in any society. 

This number increases with every year. 8.3% of respondents said they started at age 13, and 12.3% said they started at age 14.

16.5% started at age 15, with the number peaking at age 16, when 22% of respondents said they started smoking, which is the most common age for people to start smoking. 

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The large majority of respondents said the biggest downside to smoking cannabis was the risk of being caught be the police

81.3% of respondents said the risk of being arrested was the biggest problem related to using cannabis in Malta. This was the most common problem among respondents, with one respondent saying that “the most dangerous side effect is a criminal record.”

The second biggest problem associated with using cannabis in Malta was the price being to expensive, according to 39.6% of respondents.

The third most common problem was increased appetite, aka the munchies, which 26.4% of respondents were not happy with.

Health issues like loss of memory or increased paranoia were also pointed to as problems of a lesser degree, with 15.1% and 13.6% of respondents complaining about these problems respectively.

“The most dangerous side effect is a criminal record”

LM Survey Respondent

The full results will be published later this week

With over 1,000 people responded to Lovin Malta’s first cannabis survey in less than 48 hours, the results are officially in and being tallied by our statisticians as you read this.

With most countries banning official research into cannabis or anything related to the plant, this survey is a literal treasure trove of information that can be used to get a clearer idea of cannabis use in Malta. 

These numbers could be a wake up call to authorities, showing just how little they truly know about the Maltese cannabis black market.

Were you surprised by these numbers? Let us know in the comments below.

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