This Photo Perfectly Sums Up Our Crazy Ass Road Situation

They see me rollin'

Lovin Cover 4

Just when you thought our Maltese roads couldn't get any crazier, someone goes ahead and takes the biscuit. 

A car was spotted driving through the St Julian's tunnels with everything but the kitchen sink carefully strapped onto its roof with what looks like a ball of string. 


Instead of hiring a removal van, it's good to see that there are plenty of other options that shouldn't get in the way of your hard-earned cash. 

Speaking to Lovin Malta, a fellow roaduser who's passenger managed to get a shot of the innovate method said that the driver didn't respond well to his calls of "Malta Disastru Totali" and responded with some er, unsavory language. 

On a more serious note, there are many reasons why this method of transportation is not to be advised. Firstly it could cause major accidents if anything were to slip through the net, and secondly, it is highly illegal, not to mention irresponsible. Ten points for effort though! 


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