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This Sign In A Gozitan Pjazza Perfectly Sums Up Summer In Malta

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100 days of sun, sea and alcohol are a lot to handle, but it’s what makes summer in Malta so attractive to so many locals and tourists alike. It’s really those couple of hours in the morning after that you have to look out for. While on a road trip in Gozo, a Maltese man stumbled upon the perfect embodiment of all that… on a sign, in a pjazza, right in front of a church. 

The sign, which was put up on the parvis of Għarb’s Church of the Visitation of Our Lady, only has four words on a bright yellow background, but it’s the most relatable thing ever. Gaze upon this beauty.

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Ryan Abela, who uploaded the photo to Facebook yesterday, explained how he came across the sign a couple of weeks ago. “It’s just one more reason why I love visiting Gozo so much!” he said. 

Għarb’s feast went down between Wednesday 28th June and Sunday 2nd July, so it’s very likely that the whole village was getting ready for the week of celebrations by putting up this sign. And in between heatwaves, long stretches of partying, and non-stop festaall over the islands, this sign is perfect for every village in Malta over summer.

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UPDATE: It turns out the sign was placed there on 8th May 2017 after Għarb’s football club won a big derby against their neighbours. This, paired with them finally winning the league again, lead to the entire village erupting in celebration… and this sign showed up in the pjazza on the morning after!

Tag a friend who’ll probably be suffering from a hangover this weekend.

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