This Woman Queued Overnight To Get Her Hands On Black Friday Deals In Malta

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Black Friday

How crazy are you about today’s Black Friday deals? Are you so nuts about them that you’d queue from the night before? That’s what one woman did hoping to be the first through the Forestals doors today.

Sounds crazy? Given today’s insane queues, this lady may have been the smartest shopper around.


The queue outside Forestals, Mrieħel at 7.30am this morning

People started queuing as early as 4.30am at Forestals in Mrieħel

People are flocking to shops faster than a raħli runs to the local pastiżżi store. At The Point and Scan Malta you’ll find scores of people getting their claws on the innumerable amount of deals made available today.

But not everyone is sharing the Black Friday love.

Black Friday started in the US in 2005 is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving which has some Maltese people wondering, what on earth has it got to do with Malta?

Black Friday Comment 1

Ok, so you can get a laptop at a discount today. But some people are asking the real questions; is the property market offering Black Friday deals?

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What’s the ultimate Black Friday deal? Stay home. End the day with the exact amount of money that you started it with.

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Many, however, were candid in pointing out the reality of Black Friday. Though there are lots of deals for yourself today, many people in the world are suffering.

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