Three In One! Stunning Shot Perfectly Captures The Colourful Essence Of Malta's Festa Season

It took the photographer two whole hours to scout for the perfect vantage point, but the photo was worth every minute


Beer, fireworks and festive music might be three unmissable features of a Maltese festa, but when everything is said and done, only the parish church remains, lighting up the night and turning the island into one colourful and unforgettable skyline. One local photographer, knowing this all too well, took advantage of this week's celebration to take one stunning shot.

While scouting for a location to capture the sights of Qrendi's Santa Marija celebrations, renowned Maltese photographer Rene Rossignaud came across one impressive vantage point. It took him two whole hours to find the perfect vantage point, but he was quickly rewarded for his effort.

Standing atop a hill overlooking the southern village, Rene managed to capture the Qrendi, Siġġiewi, Mdina parish churches all in one shot.

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Even with over 10 kilometres separating the churches, Rene successfully framed all three unmistakeable parishes into one photo. And while doing so, he ended up perfectly capturing the essence of Malta's festa season.

"Have you ever seen Qrendi, Siġġiewi and Mdina churches in one shot?" Rene asked his friends and fans on Facebook on Wednesday. By the looks of it, not many had, because the photo got nearly 1,000 reactions in under 12 hours, with dozens of people praising the stunning shot. For anyone wondering the technicalities behind such a photo, Rene was gracious enough to provide the deets.

"I used a small aperture on the lens (F22), which makes the image look flat and all three churches almost in focus even though there's nearly 12 kilometres between them," he told Lovin Malta. "I used a new Nikon camera, the D850, with a massive 46 Megapixel which allows me to crop so much."

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"For me, it's all about scouting," Rene told Lovin Malta. "At times, I spend a whole day just looking around and then going the next day to shoot. So two hours might sound like a lot, but for me that's nothing!"

Of course, Rene was there to capture the spectacular Qrendi firework celebrations, and soon enough, he shared the money shot on Facebook; a veritable curtain of light over the previously calm summer skyline.

Screen Shot 2018 08 16 At 10 13 52

"Thanks to my camera, I've travelled the globe and had some of the best experiences in life," Rene told Lovin Malta. "My camera has given me the freedom and help to achieve my dreams. To all the aspiring photographers out there, I say this; follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you, no matter how many times they may put you down."

We're already in mid August and the end of summer is fast approaching, but looking at photos like these, we're thankful we have people like Rene to help cement Summer 2018 in all Maltese people's memories before the colder, wetter seasons arrive.

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