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Nine Hacks To Stay Warm In Malta Since Our Houses Suck At It

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As temperatures are set to plummet (with the wind and humidity making the air feel sub-zero) everyone is in a mild panic to make sure they’re warm enough for what’s to come.

But 15 layers of clothing and a blanket over it all is not the most efficient way to roam around the house, so here’s a few tips and tricks to staying warm in Malta.

1. Close your blinds when the sun sets

The layer of air trapped between your blind and the window will help insulate and keep the warmth your body/heater generates in the room. If you want to go that extra mile, here’s a handy tip on how to insulate your windows for nearly no cost using bubble wrap. Just remember to remove them when the sun comes back, or you’re gonna have a hard time peeling that off.

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2. Wrap your mug in foil (and leave a little extra to make a lid)

Keeping your tea/coffee/hot chocolate warm can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to survive the chill that’s descended over your home. Wrapping your mug in foil will help reduce the rate at which your beverage becomes undrinkable swill.

Pro tip: you can further slow this down by pouring some hot water into your mug beforehand, swirling it around and chucking it out. This will remove the shock-cold from the ceramic, keeping your coffee warm for longer.

3. Close the door to your salott

Chances are you’re not using it anyway. Close off any room that you’re not using to avoid heating up empty spaces.

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4. Take out (or invest in) your lożor tal-flanella

You know that horrific feeling of slipping into a bed so cold, you’re sure it’s wet? That can all be avoided by covering your mattress with flannel sheets. If you’re one of those people who feels extremely cold all the time, you might want to slot an extra one under your quilt to make your flannel cocoon that much cosier.


5. Make all the minestra

Seriously, you cannot deny the warming power of soup, and this Maltese staple can really hit the spot.

6. Hang out in the room the minestra is brewing

Why waste the heat being generated while cooking. The kitchen is always the warmest room in the house, so settle in with your family and pray the gas doesn’t run out.


7. Cover your floors

Even if your walls are insulated, Maltese floors have no such thing. Cover as much of the floor with carpets or blankets as you can. This’ll avoid losing heat through your floors, and losing your sanity when your toes touch the icy tiles.

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8. Make these adorable hand warmers

They’re a great gift, and super simple to make. Just don’t leave them in the microwave for too long – we don’t want a house fire to warm things up.

Bonus: Get a boyfriend/girlfriend

It’s what everyone else in Malta seems to be doing around this time anyway. They’re great for body heat, and we can think of a few activities that might steam things up… (like jogging together, jeez).

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