This Traffic Sign In Dingli Wins The 'WTF Award' Of The Day

How will I know?

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Even though we live on an island that's less than 30 kilometres long, driving in Malta is still a time-consuming hassle. Between hundreds of thousands of cars on the road and regular scorching weather, the last thing anyone would want to encounter on Maltese roads is unhelpful signs. Well, if you agree with this, stay away from Dingli.

A post on the popular Facebook forum The Salott shared a photo of a traffic sign in Dingli, with only two places to go to... Dingli Cliffs on the left, and Dingli Cliffs on the right.

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Of course, the whole thing stems from the fact that the small western village of Dingli, with a population of around 3,000 people, has various different roads leads to the popular cliffs. In fact, as one person pointed out in the comments section of on the original post, there are at least six roads linking the village directly to the cliffs. "One road takes you to one end of the cliffs near the chapel, and the other takes you to the other end, next to the Bobbyland Restaurant," another person explained.

All things considered, however, we're willing to bet that a sign like this is definitely going to confuse quite lot of tourists trying to get to Dingli Cliffs, not to mention a couple of locals who aren't very familiar with the area. It's also fun to imagine what the guy putting up the newer sign must've thought, seeing the exact same place pointing in the opposite direction.

So the next time you're heading up to the northwest and are looking for some beautiful views from the highest point on the islands, take a left... or a right. You choose. It apparently doesn't really make any particular difference anyway.

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