7 Stunning (But Unofficial) Campsites In Malta Which Need To Be Regulated

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With Malta's amazing climate, you'd think we'd have dozens of campsites around the island. However, most people would be hard pressed trying to name legal campsites, which is a huge shame.

Regulation is definitely the way forward for some of Malta's most beautiful spots, especially since so many people often opt for camping in these sites anyway. A camping warden passing by a couple of times a day and applications for free (or cheap) permits from Local Councils could go a long way into making camping in Malta a more structured and sustainable activity.

Here are a couple of unofficial yet very popular campsites which we should consider regulating.

1. Mġiebaħ

Mġiebaħ is one of Malta's lesser known beaches, but is easily one of its most gorgeous. Quiet and secluded, it's also not the easiest place to get to, with a long and winding road from Selmun ending in a small cliff where you need to leave your car. The view at the end will more than make up for your efforts though.

2. Dwejra Lines

Tucked between Binġemma and Imtarfa in the West of Malta, the Dwejra Lines area offers equal amounts of countryside views and that good old Mediterranean Sea peeping out from behind the hills.

3. Xemxija

For many locals, Buġibba and St. Paul's Bay mark the beginning of the Northern Region in Malta. At their Western edge is Xemxija, a beautiful but slightly busy bay. The green hills overlooking it, however, are the perfect combination of quiet without being too secluded. The area also offers some stunning sunrises.

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4. Mistra

Just past Xemxija is the much more secluded Mistra Bay, which also happens to have crystal clear waters in case you'd want to freshen up mid-camping.

5. Gozo

Malta's sister island doesn't have any officially designated camping zones, but that doesn't stop Gozo from having some stunning potential sites. The list is practically endless, but highlights definitely include Mġarr ix-Xini in Xewkija and Qbajjar in Marsalforn.

6. Għar Lapsi

Most locals' memories of Għar Lapsi consist of the tiny rocky beach at the end of the long and winding road from Siġġiewi, but what many people seem to gloss over is the stunning countryside before all of that. A great place to camp, even if just to get unobstructed views of little Filfla.

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7. Comino

The ultimate "let's take our camping plans to the next level" decision. Nestled between Malta and Gozo, tiny Comino sees tens of thousands of tourists flocking to its beaches in summer, but camping in places like Santa Marija Bay (especially not during the peak summer season) is a favourite adventurous weekend tradition amongst many locals.

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As it stands, Malta's two official campsites are Mellieħa's Aħrax areas and Għajn Tuffieħa's 16 acre campsite, which are both open to the general public through online booking.

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Facebook groups like Camping In Malta and Malta Camping Rights have been set up to not only discuss camping activity in Malta, but to also get the ball rolling on possibly regulating some of the aspects of this outdoor hobby.

Also, it's essential to remember that Malta's environment is gorgeous when more people are able to enjoy it. Clean up after you whenever you go out in the countryside, and let's make it a joy to experience for all of us!

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