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TV Shows From The 90s That All Maltese Kids Loved

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1. Saved By The Bell

We all thought we could relate to this show, even though we weren’t American, didn’t go to high-school, and the only thing resembling a ‘diner’ in Malta was Wimpy. But still – every Maltese girl and boy proclaimed to be a popular ‘Zach’ or a ‘Kelly’… even if they were just in denial and more like the vanilla ‘Slater’ and ‘Lisa’.

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2. Sister, Sister

The lovable show that had us all cursing our parents for not engineering it so that we were born with a denim-clad twin.

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3. Blossom

Blossom made every average-looking brunette Maltese girl feel like she could be loved too. Thanks B.

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4. Party of Five

This show had us wishing our parents would abandon us for at least a weekend break to Ta’ Ċenċ, so that we could run our own lives like its (surprisingly star-studded) cast of emotional teens.

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5. Kenan & Kel

Little did we know that the Maltese equivalent of ‘orange soda’ was Sunkist. Some of us only just found out that ‘soda’ just means ‘fizzy’. #truth

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6. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

This show had us forever questioning which one of our aunts was Hilda and ‘witch’ was Zelda.

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7. Dawson’s Creek

Beginning in the late 90s, DC did more for our English vocabulary than all of senior school education. The most articulate 15-year-olds in history thought us what it meant to leave childhood, and enter into the tumultuous and hormonal maze of adolescence.

Screen Shot 2016 12 16 At 11 07 27

8. California Dreams

Possibly the most ethnically diverse TV show we enjoyed as kids without even noticing – this show was a favourite for any teen who dreamt of starting a band with their friends. Actually, are their any kids who didn’t dream of that?

Screen Shot 2016 12 16 At 11 12 01

9. The Fresh Prince of Bel-air

There’s no one in Malta who didn’t love this show. It was hilarious, moving when it needed to be, and all about unconventional families (mostly because of the random Aunt Viv switch in season 4). Plus – hands down – the most rap-off-able opening song in history.

Screen Shot 2016 12 16 At 11 51 23

BONUS: My So-Called Life

This precocious show only lasted one season, but has developed an avid cult following regardless and is hailed as the precursor to awesome indie flicks like Juno. It was also responsible for kick-starting a life-long crush on Jared Leto for many Maltese girls and boys.

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Which was your favourite? Tell us in the comments section!

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