Two Maltese 'Surreal Swimming Holes' Mentioned In Global Favourites List

One for each island

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An article published on BuzzFeed this week took the suggestions of thousands of users from all over the world to pinpoint some of the website community's favourite swimming holes from around the world. The final article came up with 17 locations in total... and two of them happen to be right here in Malta!

The list features anywhere from Mexico to the Philippines, and is a veritable gold mine of gorgeous blue and green swimming holes. Numbers 8 and 14, however, are the ones locals will definitely recognise. 

Dragonara Hole in Mellieħa and the Blue Hole in Gozo's Dwejra were chosen as some of the most beautiful of their kind the world, and it's awesome to see how the two locations hold their own when put side by side to gorgeous falls in Arizona and emerald lakes in Greece.

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Of course, it was inevitable that at least one photo of Dwejra's Blue Hole would include the Azure Window, and we've got to admit; the withdrawal pain is still very much alive. #StillNotOverIt

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