Valletta Pizzeria Owner Has The Saltiest Reply To A Bad Tripadvisor Review

We’re more amazed by the ex-employee's dietary ambitions than his peeved review

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A previous employee of Sotto Pizzeria in Valletta left a sour review of the restaurant on Tripadvisor and it took no time, and no shame, for the restaurant owner Fausto to recover from it triumphantly.

In the post, Vittorio - the Sotto pizzeria alleged ex-employee who’s likely reviewing his life choices right now - complains about finding a hair in his ‘sour’ pizza.

In a clap back that tops all shady clap backs of 2018, Fausto immediately points out that 1) Vittorio only worked with Sotto Pizzeria for two days, 2) that Vittorio ate all the food, including four pizzas and six tiramisus, and 3) that Vittorio hit on Fausto’s daughter.

After we got over just how much Vittorio can eat in 48 hours, we had a look at Tripadvisor's website to find Vittorio's review. Despite a Facebook and Google search, we couldn't find out who Vittorio is to be able to reach out to him for a comment.

Fausto had to wait for Tripadvisor to authenticate his reply, but in the meantime shared a screenshot of it to Sotto Pizzeria’s Facebook page, wittingly commenting that “If you also want hairy pizza with sour sauce at exorbitant prices come visit us! Only at Sotto Pizzeria Pelosa” (in English this kind of translates to Sotto Hairy Pizzeria).

The Times of Malta wrote up on this story, and most Facebook users commenting on the post showed love towards Fausto as they applauded him for his amazing pizzas and his amazing shade.

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Comments from the Times of Malta post on the Sotto Pizzeria review

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