Vegan Discount? Maltese Landlord's Unique Offer Divides Online Community

'For some of us, it does make a difference that you have taken it upon yourselves to reduce cruelty on animals'

Vegan Discount Cover

Renting property and being vegan; two things that seem unconnected, but have recently caused quite a storm on Maltese social media.

A post on the popular animal-centric Facebook page RUBS PUPPY LOVE gathered some probably unwanted attention as a young couple posted on the group claiming they were looking for somewhere to live. But the catch? They introduced themselves as a "young vegan couple". And people weren't too impressed.


There were the expected reactions of 'what difference does it make that you're vegans?', coupled with a couple of very angry people offended by the whole situation.

But the couple struck gold when they were actually offered a discount on an apartment... just for being vegan

Local blogger and animal activist Alison Bezzina, known for her blog I Will Not Go Away, got in touch with the couple on their post. She said she had an apartment in St. Julian's available for rent that usually goes for "over €1K", but she offered it to them for just €800 because they are vegan. Not a bad deal.


This obviously caused even more drama, with many people claiming that Alison was being 'discriminatory' for offering a discount based on the couple's dietary preferences.

However, several people applauded Alison for sticking to her guns and her beliefs, stating that they thought it was an initiative that deserved praise. Some people also took the post quite seriously, bringing animal welfare and the apartheid into the mix.


The discussion was also picked up by popular Facebook page The LOL Post, where several other Facebook users expressed similar thoughts

What do you think of the whole situation?

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