Want An Awesome Haircut? Here Are Malta's 9 Favourite Hairdressers

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If you've been looking to stand out from the crowd or get that perfect cut for a while now, look no further; Malta's got a whole bunch of extremely talented hairdressers, and you really are spoilt for choice. 

We asked our readers who their favourite Maltese hairdressers were, and we got a long list of beloved pros. In no particular order, these are the 12 names that kept cropping up.

1. Mus/cut

Apart from an amazingly punny name, Mus/cut also has a very faithful clientele which includes anything from the regular cuts to experimental styles and colours. If you're anywhere near the Żebbuġ area and want to try out a new hair salon, Roderick Muscat is your man. 

2. Lee's Hair Stylist

Lee Grixti has built a name for himself as one of Malta's top hair stylists, and his hair salon in Sliema gets rave reviews online (it's currently sitting on an impressive five-star rating). Lee has also collaborated with some of the hottest new names in the fashion industry, like his recent collab with fashion house Parascandalo

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3. The Men's Room

Malta has seen a resurgence of barber shops in the last couple of years, but The Men's Room is one of those places which were here before all the hype. Haidresser Dennis Ciappara's name was mentioned a couple of times by our readers not only for his sheer skills, but also as an amazing person to have a conversation with while you wait. 

4. Head & Jam

This relatively new hair salon in Attard has only been around for a couple of months, but it's already been making waves online with the colourful styles (and extremely happy customers) coming out of the salon. They've even got a record player and have hosted vinyl DJ sets while customers wait in style, and hairdresser Elena Cassar's attention to detail and ability to adapt to so many different styles has already earned her a great following online.

5. Barber King

An old-school barber in the heart of Valletta, Noel Caruana is known as "The Barber King of Malta" with many people around the island. Whether it's a quick trim or some proper grooming, the Barber King (and yes, that is another play on words) has got your sorted.

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6. Alternative Hairdressing

That name didn't crop out of nowhere; amongst its clientele, AH hosts nearly each and every person in Malta's alternative scene. A scene that's constantly looking for the newest wonderfully weird colour and style is perhaps the perfect test of skill and endurance, and AH celebrated their four year anniversary earlier this week. They must be doing something right, and it's all thanks to stylist Aleks Cassar at the helm.

7. Dean Gera

Definitely one of the most popular hair salons in Malta, Dean Gera are now in six different localities across Malta. Frequent celebrity endorsements and high profile events later, the sky's the limit for this group of very talented hairdressers.

8. Hair & Co

Gozo's hairdressing pride. While this studio has an entirely new concept, the stylists and technicians who work here have over 15 years of experience. They've worked their magic on a host of different projects, from popular Maltese band The Travellers' photoshoots to runway shows by young fashion designer Luke Azzopardi.

9. Antonio's Barber

Antonio has acquired somewhat of a cult status in recent years, and it only keeps getting bigger and better for the famous barber. This is actually Antonino's fourth barber shop; once established in Paola, he emigrated to the UK and opened a highly successful high street barber shop in Leicester. Years later, he came back to Malta and opened his third barber shop in Birkirkara, before moving to the famous "Gentlemen's Quarters" in Balzan. And with full-sized billiard table, flat screens showing sports, snacks and drinks, and an onsite masseur, it's pretty to see how his shop got its very apt name. Another branch is now open in Sliema, no doubt necessary to cater for the high demand Antonio's Barber has recently gotten.

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