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WATCH: Cows Run Through The Streets Of Santa Lucia Amidst Storm Madness

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Okay, today has been a crazy day.

The gale force winds that hit Malta this morning, that are now slowly dying down, have stirred up quite a storm on our little rock. Amidst the madness of the storm we’ve seen buildings collapse, localities flood, and fish fly onto the land. But things have taken a step further in terms of mad; with cows being spotted running around the streets of Santa Lucia.

The cows seemed to have escaped a nearby farm at around 3pm

It was reported that the roof of a farm close to Scott’s supermarket in the area had been blown off by the wind earlier today, so it’s possible this is where they came from.

The video, posted to social media by Dylan Schembri, shows two cows and what seems to be a bull running through the streets in the rain. The three of them separated with the two cows running frantically passed the cars on the street.


Whilst this all makes for a rather comical image, it is important to keep safety in mind in these circumstances; both for the animals and for passers by. We hope the cows are returned to their home soon.

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