Even Sicilians Are Excited About Seeing Malta On Their Horizon

The skies have been incredibly clear lately

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Over the past couple of weeks we've been graced with some of the clearest skies in a long while. This has lead to a lot of excited Facebook and Instagram uploads, and even a feature TV. Clearly, even though we have some of the most gorgeous views, the Maltese get excited about seeing land on the horizon that isn't part of our archipelago. 

Yesterday saw some stunning shots of Sicily and snow-covered Mount Etna emerge from Mellieħa and Gozo, and the view was as unforgettable as you'd imagine.

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Photo by Alessio Sultana

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Photo by James Corby

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Photo by Beppe Galea

Sure, the prospect of seeing snow-capped volcanoes from an island devoid of anything but hills can be thrilling, but it's not just the Maltese losing their minds over the clarity. Earlier this week a video uploaded to Youtube featured an excited three and a half minute video panning across a blurry Malta peeking out of the Sicilian horizon. 

Marcella asks her viewers to help her point out landmarks around the archipelago, and the communal effort manages to make out Comino and some of the biggest churches in Gozo. 

We rarely stop to think about how our Sicilian neighbours react to spotting us in the distance, and it thankfully seems like this won't be the last time we'll be getting gorgeous views of Sicily in our evening skies. 

So keep your eyes peeled next time we get a beautiful sunset in Malta...

...because they'll be doing the same in Sicily!

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