WATCH: Fish Flood The Streets Of Xemxija After Being Washed Ashore By The Storm

I guess we're all just swimming with the fishes now

The bizarre weather surrounding the Maltese islands currently will definitely be talked about for weeks to come, with record level winds causing more and more damage as the day goes on.

But in what is perhaps the most bizarre thing to happen yet, hundreds of fish have been washed ashore in Xemxija, taking over the street just by the harbour.

The street is very much littered with fish, in a macabre post-apocalyptic looking scene that shows cars driving past (and over) the helpless, dying fish.

How very Mediterranean.

Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 12 01 18

Some people have also taken to picking up the fish and putting them in their car. I guess tomorrow's lunch is on them.

Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 12 02 15
Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 12 02 07
Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 12 01 27

Tag someone who hates fish just to scare them

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