WATCH: Gozo's Infamous Leaky Pipe Returns To Spray Divers With Waste

Every spring for years now, a pipe near Ras il-Ħobż has sprayed waste all over the place

A pipe near a popular diving site and the Għajnsielem sewage treatment plant has started shooting thick waste into the sea - and not for the first time.

The infamous pipe, which made headlines in April 2018 and March 2017 and is located near Ras il-Ħobz in the south of Gozo, is notorious for spraying divers who often enter the sea to see the beautiful shipwreck located nearby.

One diver has now experienced the messy outburst firsthand, and recorded it on video for good measure.

"After yesterday's post, this morning I received the following video footage that speaks by itself. I have asked the Local Council to issue a press release and put more pressure on authorities to solve this problem immediately," said a man who uploaded the video to Facebook to highlight the recurring problem.

Screenshot 2019 05 04 At 16 31 19

A plume of waste being leaked into the sea

A Water Services Corporation spokesperson said that they were investigating the footage, noting the situation had improved compared to last year

They had previously noted that the sewage is agricultural waste such as farming water runoff, which could have blocked some main pipes.

While the authorities attempt to stop the flow of waste casually flowing into the Gozitan sea, maybe choose somewhere else to go for your first summer swim this year.

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