WATCH: Heart-Wrenching Scene As Turtle Loses Flipper While Trapped In Waste At Ghajn Tuffieha

The juvenile turtle was completely entangled in fishing line but was saved by wildlife rescue volunteers

Things turned nasty for a juvenile loggerhead turtle at Ghajn Tuffieha yesterday after it found itself entangled in so much fishing line that it lost its right flipper trying to escape.  

It was only through sheer fortune that the turtle managed to survive at all. A man who happened to be kayaking in the area spotted the struggling turtle and called in volunteers from Nature Trust’s wildlife rescue team as well as the Environment and Resources Authority. 

Photo and video footage released by Nature Trust show how the turtle had been entangled in a considerable amount of fishing line and that it suffered multiple cuts during its ordeal. The turtle was taken to a vet and is currently being looked after at the San Lucjan rehabilitation centre.

If a sign was ever needed for why you shouldn’t dump litter into the sea, then this is it. 

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