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WATCH: ‘How Am I Supposed To Cut My Hair With Hairdressers Closed?’ Disappointed Maltese Woman Asks In All Seriousness

Globally, millions of people, including in Malta, have had to make sacrifices to halt the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, but one woman has a serious concern about the future of the country.

With everything from gyms to schools to restaurants closed or placed under restrictions, one concerned caller to the TV show Niskata was left wondering how she was meant to deal with hairdressers being ordered to close under precautionary measures.

“Let me tell you, yesterday when I heard they were going to close down the hairdressers, I had a shock,” she asked. “It’s true that you can dye your hair at home, you can even buy shampoo, but how can we do the cuts?”

“I cut my hair every month, if I leave it for one week it gets out of control and I feel dirty.


Left without an option to cut her hair, the caller needed answers.

The panelists on Niskata tried to explain the situation Malta is in, with over 100 infected patients currently confirmed on the island, and mass cleansing taking place across localities in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

“Everyone is going to suffer a bit, we all need to do sacrifices,” replied one man on the panel.

But the caller had a better suggestion.

“Why didn’t they open at least one hairdresser, like they are doing with doctors?” she asked.


Pictured above: Malta’s government responding to the caller’s suggestions.

Tag someone who can’t cut their own hair, but has no problem dyeing it or shampooing it.

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