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WATCH: ‘It’s All Good In The Hood’ – Valentina Rossi Shares Relief After ‘Social Media Shutdown’ As She Wipes Her Dog’s Ass

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‘I’m feeling better, super and energised for what’s coming up. It’s fine to shut down. It’s actually important.’

“So, while walking the dog as he takes his time to shit, I was thinking that I need to do a bit of an update on Instagram, because I’ve been offline-ish for a while,” Valentina Rossi started, in an Instagram story that’s as Valentina Rossi as you could hope for.

What followed, though, was a heartfelt (but characteristically still entertaining) couple of minutes where the Maltese radio DJ, model and influencer explained why she had been away from social media and recent high-profile events like Malta Fashion Week.

“Life is not completely based on social media”

“I took a bit of a break for the simple reason that I needed time for myself, for my partner, my family and friends,” Rossi told her nearly 27,000 followers on Instagram. “So I decided that, when I’m out, I don’t use WiFi that much and I turn off mobile data – which helps a lot.”


“Actually, I’m feeling super super awesome,” Rossi said of her decision, going on to add that it gave her an opportunity to focus on herself. And let’s not forget, she’s actually wiping her dog’s ass by this point, so if you were worried that this video gets a bit too sombre, don’t worry; it’s still very much Valentina Rossi we’re watching here.

“Sometimes, it’s good to just shut down on social media and all these things, because you really start noticing all the things you wouldn’t have noticed when you’re on your phone all the time”

“I mean, who’s my boss?” Rossi smiles, reiterating the fact that she did this for herself and she feels great coming out of it on the other side.

“I’m feeling better, super, and energised for what’s coming up,” she said. “And I have a lot coming up, because I haven’t been sitting on my ass all this time.”

“It’s fine to shut down sometimes, actually it’s important to shut down sometimes,” Rossi told her followers. “And if anyone tells you otherwise, forget about them. Do you. Be you.”

In proper Valentina Rossi, fashion, though, the video wasn’t over just yet, as she went on to detail how, since she went on “chill mode”, she had actually managed to really pamper herself. “I shaved my legs without being in a hurry, which for me is actual goals,” she continued, before finishing off by turning the camera to her pet dog Bailey… who by this point looks sufficiently cleaner and calmer.

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