WATCH: Jurassic Park? No, Just Another Day Living In Construction-Mad Gżira

Is that a drill or a dino?

Living with construction in Malta has practically become a daily part of life, but a video posted by Gżira councillor Jeremy Cardona showing what one resident has to deal really drives the seriousness of the situation home.

"Residents weren't able to speak to me due to the amount of noise in their house," said councillor Cardona to Lovin Malta. "They've been working from 9am till the evening, and they've been working every day but today is too much."

The sound was stemming from machinery being used next door to demolish a villa, but the sound sounds like something straight from a horror film.

"Things were falling all over the place, from the wall and cupboards," said Jeremy.

The work began on the 4th of June and is just one development site in the many found all over Gżira. Councillor Cardona was frustrated at the noise the residents had to endure - but he wasn't surprised.

"You can find everything in Gżira, even cars parked in schools grounds," he said.

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Have you ever experienced something like this?

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