WATCH: Malta's Answer To Trainspotting's 'Choose Life' Monologue

It's pretty spot on

Everyone's heard the Choose Life monologue from the iconic film, Trainspotting. Even people who haven't even watched the film have heard it. At most, they've seen the poster hanging in at least three of their friends' bedrooms if they grew up in the nineties. 

For anyone left in the universe who hasn't seen or heard it, it's a series of statements about conventional life-decisions which collectively make a jab at mainstream living. It quickly became the empowered mantra of a whole generation, and now one blogger from Gozo has made it Maltese.   

Screen Shot 2017 02 19 At 08 07 55

Federico Chini, also know as The Gozitan Vlogger, has compiled a series of shots which capture life on the Maltese Islands. The visuals are paired with a voice over reciting quirky daily practices from life in Malta. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 19 At 08 08 31
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The imagery is bright and vibrant, and shows some of the most traditional aspects of Maltese life. The dialogue is, well pretty spot on; from home security to Kinnie and pastizzi, Chini leaves no aspect of our domestic culture unmentioned. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 19 At 08 09 01
Screen Shot 2017 02 19 At 08 09 33

And while we're not expecting it to clean up house at the Sundance Film Festival, it's a fun take on an awesome moment in pop-culture, and it reminds us what the best part of living in Malta is all about. We're glad we chose Malta. 

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