WATCH: Maltese Influencer's Absolute Rage Quit In Traffic Is The Most Relatable Thing You'll Watch This Week

Charlene is literally all of us in a traffic jam

Getting stuck in traffic and having to inch your way across a couple of kilometres is a frustrating reality that loads of Maltese people have to deal with on a nearly daily basis. But while many of us suffer in silence, one local influencer decided to document her latest moment of rage in a traffic jam. And boy are we glad she did.

The iconic Vlogger behind All About Charlene, the young Maltese influencer took to Instagram stories on Wednesday evening to share her struggles on the road.

"I've been trying to get to an event in St. Julian's for a whole hour," Charlene started. "I doubt I'll even make it to the event at this point."

And it's here that Charlene, becoming each and every single one of us, realises that she will definitely not make her appointment. Half furious, half desperate, she holds back tears as the line of cars in front of her refuse to budge.

Lovin Malta Charlene Traffic Jam

"Ilna għaxar snin hawnhekk"

Cut to the next Instagram story, and Charlene is clearly just as pissed off... this time, though, uploading from home

Having missed the event, the young Maltese influencer continued her rant, explaining how she had to take the decision to turn round and go home.

"There was just no way that I was going to make it," she fumed.

"I've just never seen that much traffic," Charlene reiterated. "Never. There are people posting photos of traffic jams from all over the island. People were coming out of every corner. I don't even know how I got home safe and sound."

Charlene Lovin Malta

That moment when you're still not over having spent an hour and a half in traffic for absolutely no reason

And while we're sorry that Charlene did not make her St. Julian's event on time, we're secretly glad she gave us this absolute golden nugget of a video to remind us that, as we're stuck in an hours-long traffic jam trying to get to our painfully close destination, we're not alone in feeling like we're about to give up on everything and turn around. OK, not that secretly glad.

Maybe it's time Malta gave Charlene her own TV show? Please?

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