WATCH: Maltese Man Comes Up With Inventive Way Of Recycling Garbage Bags

Let's hope this doesn't catch on

Recycling is an important part of living in modern society, what with hurricanes, floods, and the temperature rising due to humanity's polluting ways.

But one elderly Maltese man has found a novel way of recycling his plastic garbage bag when taking out the trash.

The man was filmed walking to a corner on the street with his black garbage bag. However, instead of placing it on the corner, he tips it upside down, scattering the trash all over the corner.

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Comments were swift to condemn the man for the way he got rid of his trash. 

While others wondered if this was some old-school style revenge.

And others wondered if the man could be suffering from a mental illness to be doing such things.

Either way, the person who originally posted it said that he would be reporting it to the authorities, hopefully meaning that whatever the reason is, acts like this won't be happening again.

What do you make of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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