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WATCH: PN MPs Try To Keep Straight Face After Their Colleague Utters A Vulgar Word In Parliament

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A lighthearted moment took place during a serious parliamentary debate this week, after Opposition MP Ryan Callus blurted out a vulgar word in relation to the ElectroGas power station.

Ryan Callus used the word ‘għoxxata‘ (fuck-up) to describe former Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi’s intervention into a €40 million excise duty dispute between Enemalta and ElectroGas to ensure the bill is footed by taxpayers, rather than the power station owners.

You can watch our TikTok of the incident below:

As the camera pointed towards his colleagues Therese Comodini Cachia and Karol Aquilina behind him, there was no mistaking the glint in their eyes as they struggled to keep a straight face. Not even a mask can conceal certain expressions.

Callus ended up apologising for his choice of language, saying he understood it was wrong of him. However, Speaker Anglu Farrugia broke the tension by saying the word was barely audible amidst major noise being made by representatives on the government benches.

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