WATCH: The Trend For 'Sunday Cleanups' Keeps Making Malta Greener

Now this is a habit we can get behind!

This footage of a cleanup at Għar Lapsi yesterday shows the rise in interest (and success) of weekly Sunday cleanups around Malta. The short film was shot and produced by Emil Brikha.

Swedish-Maltese cleanup specialist Camilla Appelgren and her family were this week joined by 20 other volunteers, descending on the beautiful rocky beach in the southwest and the surrounding countryside. They collected a worryingly large amount of glass bottles  which actually ended up lining up the entire street leading down to the beach.

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The volunteers managed to collect around 250kg worth of trash, and were given re-usable gloves and re-usable water dispensers (provided by H2Only) to avoid creating additional plastic waste. They were also supported by the Siggiewi Local Council.

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Camilla was also assisted by JCI Malta, a local NGO which provides development opportunities to empower young people to create positive change. The NGO is currently leading the effort (along with Let's Do It) to organize World Cleanup Day on the 15th of September 2018. 

The initiative also saw many people bring their children along to help out while being taught about the importance of cleanups firsthand, which is a beautiful sight to behold. In the words of the group itself, "a cleanup is not just about moving trash from one point to another. It is about taking a stand, networking and teaching children hands-on how important it is to care for nature."

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If you'd like to stay updated on future cleanups happening around the island, follow We Can Clean It Up Malta and JCI on Facebook.

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