This Alpaca At A Maltese School Gives A Whole New Meaning To Classroom Pet

Say hello to Bjorn the Alpaca, your new assistant principal


One class of Maltese schoolchildren were given a memorable in-class field excursion when they unexpectedly had front-row seats in an up close and personal experience with a wild animal. 

And not just any wild animal - but an actual alpaca. 

Anton Cutajar from L- Arka ta' Noe, a wildlife sanctuary, brought in a two-year-old male alpaca - and the kids loved it. 

Bjorn the alpaca can be seen curiously exploring the classroom, at one point even taking the teacher's stand, before settling into his favourite position in the middle of the room.

The children scream and squeal as he makes his rounds, and a few braver kids even put their hands out to pet and feed Bjorn.

Anton explains alpaca's eating habits, how they are bred for their milk and fur in Peru, and how alpaca fur carpets can go for up to €50,000.

"Just like religion is an important subject, so is the subject of animals," he says to the classroom.

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People loved that he was giving children firsthand experience with animals

And some students even wanted Bjorn to visit their classroom

Anton, who is working with the Animal Welfare Directorate, plans on taking his animals to more and more schools and teach children all about wildlife.

"The idea is that the children get a chance to integrate with animals a bit more," Anton told Lovin Malta. "Animal Welfare have asked me to take animals to classes when they are doing lessons on wildlife. This lesson was all about alpacas, and tomorrow I'm going to another school as well." 

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